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Our Services: Pipe Ramming

Pipe ramming is quickly becoming the installation method of choice for the toughest Type 3, Type 4 soils and cobble filled grounds. Earth Boring boasts the greatest number of successful on grade drives. Owners, engineers and contractors rest assured that the high impact of pipe hammering is well at hand with Earth Boring forces. We have delivered many high profile pipe ram projects under railways and water courses in southern Ontario and the GTA. The sheer volume of ramming work has enabled us to entrench pioneering approaches into standard operating procedure. With ownership of the first large diameter ramming tool in Ontario, Earth Boring has driven home larger diameter casing, on grade than any of our competitors.

Pipe ramming is a method for installing steel casings utilizing the energy from a percussion hammer attached to the end of the pipe. Continuous casing support is provided and over-excavation or water is not required. Spoil is removed by the use of augers after casing has reached its destination.

Earth Boring owns the largest Pipe Rammer in Ontario. We can install pipe in 12" (300mm) - 72" (1830mm) diameters with Pipe Ramming techniques. See it here in action.

For additional information, please review our Pipe Ramming FAQ. Contact Us to help you create a customized plan to meet your specific trenchless needs. meet your specific trenchless needs.

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