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Our Services: Microtunneling (MTBM)

Microtunnelling allows quick work to be made of the toughest soils and longest distance drives.

In microtunnelling hydraulic jacks are used to push pipes through the ground behind a tunnel closed slurry circuit machine at the same time as excavation is taking place within the shield. The method provides a flexible, structural, watertight, finished pipeline as the tunnel is excavated.

Earth Boring utilizes AVN slurry machines belonging to the category of closed, full face excavation machines with a hydraulic slurry circuit. The soil to be excavated is removed using a cutterwheel (head) adapted to the respective geology. This makes it possible to use the machines in almost all geological conditions. In soft soils and mixed geologies, standard or mixed ground cutterwheels are used, while a rock cutterwheels with disc cutters is used for tunnelling in stable rock formations. A cone-shaped crusher inside the excavation chamber crumbles stones and other obstructions to a conveyable grain size while tunnelling and advancing. Afterwards, the material falls through openings similar to a strainer in front of the suction port and is then removed through the slurry line together with the slurry suspension.

For additional information, please review our Microtunneling FAQ. Contact Us to help you create a customized plan to meet your specific trenchless needs.

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