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Our Services

Earth Boring Co. Limited owns an extensive fleet of MTBMs, directional drills, boring and tunnel machines, as well as the largest pneumatic percussion pipe hammer in Ontario - tools that consistently produce on-grade water and sewer mains.

Partnering with Earth Boring brings a wealth of added value to any trenchless construction project. Our experienced and professional staff, our adaptability and commitment to safety is unparalleled. We commit to bring experience in project design and planning, project management and control and design consultation to all our work.

We know of no other trenchless contractor in Ontario that has a better or larger track record of sewer and watermain installation projects on-time, on-budget, on-line and to-grade. Sewer and watermain work is the main focus of our company. Our no-nonsense approach, straight forward issue resolution and expedient solutions delivery have earned us the welcome reputation of ‘trusted and reliable trenchless company’.

Microtunneling (MTBM)

With a complete array of MTBM equipment for diameters 500mm to 1500mm, Earth Boring can make the drive in virtually any soils condition for greater distances. Ask for details on your next microtunnel project.

Auger Boring

With a wide array of auger bore machines capable of handling casing sizes up to 72" (1800mm) Earth Boring beats the challenges of distance, size and ground conditions to a pulp. When planning your next large diameter bore, Earth Boring has the solutions you are looking for.

Auger Bore - Guided Pilot Tube

With precision top of mind, we deliver solutions from 24” (600mm) up to 96” (2450mm). In all soils conditions, the guided bore can be configured to your project needs.

Auger Bore – SBU

The Small Boring Unit brings big tunnel technology, affordably to smaller diameter project needs. Whether solid rock or mixed cobble or boulder soils, an SBU may well deliver the solution you need.

Directional Drilling

Our well rounded fleet of horizontal directional drills can readily meet your project needs from 3/4" (19mm) water services to 54" (1350mm) steel casings. With the largest directional drill in Ontario, we are leading the way HDD projects are executed!

Pipe Ramming

Pipe ramming is quickly becoming the installation method of choice for the toughest Type 3, Type 4 and cobble filled soils. Earth Boring boasts the greatest number of successful on grade drives. Earth Boring can install pipe from 12" (300mm) to 120" (3048mm) diameters with Pipe Ramming techniques. Want to see pipe ramming in action? Check out this video.


Long distance, strict grade requirements? This may be your solution. Specializing in diameters ranging from 2184mm (86") to 1200mm (48") we bring a foundation of experience to your project.